Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg Tart

Googled resepi egg tart ni banyak hari juga..dan dah copy resepi yg lain, at last while blogwalking kat blog Rima, jumpa pula post egg tart dia..the way she described about the pastry texture pun dah rasa best, so thrown away previous recipe and try this one instead.

Reading at Wendy's post makes me feel a little bit scared to bake this onto tartlet mould, same as her i was afraid that the pastry wont come out easily. Found that foil mould at my drawer, unopened, coz salah beli a long long time ago. And yes, its not easy for me to take out those tart, some of them pecah pecah. So i prefer to use that foil mould, lagipun bezalah sket dari cheese tartlet kan, and i kinda like the way it looks..

Egg custard mixture , i sieve it twice to make sure there is no air bubble. Didnt roll that pastry, just use my thumb to lenyek them , 1 tablespoon per mould. Refridge overnight.


Definitely a keeper!
Pastry yg flaky crumbly, bukan cookie type yg crunchy tu. Confirm tak beli dah yg kat jusco or king's tu.
btw ada 1 cup leftover custard mixture..what to do?
This one open for order, minimum is 25pcs, priced at Rm25.

Resepi dari Rima yang mana dia dapat dari Wendy.
tq tq tq!